Introducing amaze jr.: Sex ed resources for kids ages 4-9 + their parents!

Raise your hand if any of these things apply to you:

  • You have a kid who’s obsessed with talking about butts and genitals and you’re wondering if this is normal

  • When your kid asks questions like, “Where do babies come from?” you immediately feel compelled to go [insert your least favorite form of household minutia]

  • You hear people say, “You should talk to your young kids about consent” and you’re like, “Seriously? My kid is so young. We have never talked about sex so how do I talk about consent?”

  • You want to talk to your kids about gender but don’t know where to start

  • You feel like you’re doing a good job talking about sex ed stuff but want to continue to level up your conversation skills

If any or all of these things apply, DON’T FRET. amaze jr.—the new animated video series from—now offers age-appropriate sex ed resources to kids ages 4-9 and their parents. Featuring two video playlists—one for parents and one for their kids—amaze jr. prepares parents to answer the tough questions their kids have and helps create an ongoing dialogue about everything from babies to bodies to gender to consent.


amaze jr. just launched TODAY and we would love your help spreading the word!

Here are some super easy and fast ways to help:

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