Approximately 2 Billion in Potential Reach = Super Solid 2018!

Women Online is a digital-first strategic communications agency. In 2018, we collectively helped our clients reach an estimated 2 billion users via press, editorial, and social media. We are totally OK with this not so humble brag.

We work with our clients to craft creative and insightful marketing campaigns that mobilize women, and we’re so proud of the work we do and the clients with whom we share our days! We thought it would be fun to share a year in our life as a company.

What’s your challenge for 2019, and who do you need to reach in order to do it? We can help! Meanwhile, to show you some examples of what’s possible, here are some highlights from our 2018:

The nonprofit GenderAvenger quantifies inequity in public life. We work with founder Gina Glantz and the GA community to raise hell when powerful decision makers and gatekeepers fail to include women and women of color in events and awards. In January, GA took on the Consumer Technology Association when they announced the keynote lineup for their annual showcase—the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show (CES)—the largest consumer technology show in the world representing an industry worth 5.2% of US GDP. The six keynote slots were all men, and five of them white. GenderAvengersprang into action, joined by Former PepsiCo Global President Brad Jakeman, Twitter CMO Leslie Berland, and JPMorgan Chase CMO Kristin Lemkau, whotweeted a list of women candidates for keynote speaker slots. After a long dialog and much national media coverage, the CES team promised to do better next year.

And here’s what’s great. One year later, the CES speaker lineup is diverse so far. We’re taking it as a win! Check out this awesome interactive timeline of GenderAvenger’s wins.

The flu is no joke, so we were delighted to work with GSK to spread the word about the flu vaccine. Our Creative Director (and Boston Mamas Founder/Editor) Christine Koh facilitated two Facebook Live broadcasts: a flu Q&A with Dr. Len Friedland and a conversation with Dr. Friedland and Families Fighting Flu spokesperson Jennifer Miller, who shared a harrowing story about the year the flu vaccine fell off her radar amidst holiday preparations.

In March, we helped Cabot Creamery prepare their Reward Volunteers initiative for a National Volunteer Month highlight in April. We know that people connect with personal stories and words are the fuel that drive action. We collected varied stories of volunteers, which reached over 6.9 million people, helping them to see where they can make a difference in their community.

It's hard to imagine that anyone doesn't know about Heifer International's amazing animal gifting work, but do you know that they are deeply committed to women's empowerment and social capital? It's truly remarkable how Heifer has helped women become independent, savvy business owners who can then use their resources to grow and support their families and communities. We helped Heifer develop and kick off a Women’s Empowerment Community Leader Series with some of the internet’s most powerful women.

Members of The Mission List seriously give us life all year round so we were fist bumping on repeat when four of our members won Iris Awards at Mom 2.0 Summit

Our Creative Director Christine Koh also designs apparel! And in June she started pushing for midterm election awareness with this Vote Women’s Reproductive Rights t-shirt, which benefits the Center for Reproductive Rights. (Fun related fact: Christine’s Maxine Waters design went viral in 2017 and was worn by Whoopi Goldberg and Alyssa Milano!)

Christine Vote Shirt_Resize.png

When you think about the sex “education” (quotes warranted) of your youth, do you cringe (or, uh, draw a complete blank)? Yeah, us too. Which is why we love working with to show parents how open and honest conversations with kids about bodies, feelings, and growing up are totally normal. In early July, AMAZE set off some fireworks of its own, reaching the 10 million views mark on their YouTube channel!

AMAZE gif Resize.gif

We love when serendipity strikes and translates into social media gold. Such was the case when AARP's Disrupt Aging asked us to curate content and influencer coverage around a special event in Los Angeles this summer. The event featured Disrupt Aging spokesperson and supermodel Beverly Johnson in a panel discussion about The Getty Center’s highly anticipated Icons of Style Exhibition (in which her iconic American Vogue cover is featured) and called for style-savvy social media influencers with soul and substance to amplify the conversation in a meaningful way. It turned out that one of our influencers had a life-altering encounter with Johnson years ago, and the IRL reunion between the icon and the influencer made for an amazing social media moment!

Our work with AARP’s Disrupt Aging has sparked conversations designed to flip the script on aging. It’s not "just a number." As advertising maven Cindy Gallop says, “You are the sum total of all of your learnings and life experiences to date... own your age.” In August, we kicked off a series of intimate dinner salons hosted by an amazing group of influential women. Cindy Gallop brought together chief creative officers in LA, NY, and Chicago to address ageism. In Austin, Meredith Walker of Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls discussed mentoring the next generation, MGM Resorts International’s VP of Social Strategy Beverly Jackson led a conversation in Washington, DC around making age part of diversity and inclusion efforts in business, and activist April Reign tackled the topic of aging and activism in Hollywood with Los Angeles-based creatives. 

Distrupt Aging_Resizing.jpg

After a year of behind-the-scenes work, we helped the Center for Parent and Teen Communication out of Children's Hospital of Philadelphia launch this fall! It’s been amazing to help bring smart, doable, research-backed advice to parents so they can keep the lines of communication open with their teens. Women Online worked with a team of influencers to share stories about what it takes to get kids from babyhood into the teen years.  

Our fearless leader Morra Aarons-Mele traveled to Dublin as a Vital Voices Global Ambassador, where she had the opportunity to meet some incredible professionals and coach the awesome South African entrepreneur Ntombenhle Khathwane founder of AfroBotanics, one of South Africa’s fastest growing beauty brands. Then, Morra spoke about How To Network When You Hate Networking at the first How I Built This Summit with Guy Raz, and almost passed out when a senior NPR executive told her how much she loved Hiding in the Bathroom and used it to talk to interns and young staff (you can see her advice boiled down to a 2 minute video!).

Our team has been fired up about the midterm elections since, oh, say, November 2016 (#sob), so we were thrilled to work with ACRONYM to engage a dream squad of 100 influencers to inspire their followers to register to vote, commit to vote, and get out to the polls on November 6. Beautiful storytelling, photography, and even a doodling video (!) unfolded on social media; check out a handful of the amazing shares here and here.

On November 8-9 in Chicago, Gender Avenger founder Gina Glantz and advertising legend and #DisruptAging Ambassador Cindy Gallop brought down the house at the 3% Conference, talking about age. Take Cindy’s advice and #sayyourage.


We’re tying up loose ends, taking stock, and preparing for 2019 before our holiday break! We’d love to discuss your 2019 goals and how we could help advise on and/or amplify your campaigns! Contact Morra Aarons-Mele ( to set up a time to chat!

Best wishes in the new year from all of us at Women Online

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