Help Us Gift Milk!


Today is School Milk Day and we have been working with a wonderful influencer team to spread the word about the Heifer School Milk Feeding Program that launched in July 2017. In a nutshell, Heifer has been working on a full-circle “cow to classroom” program to connect milk from Heifer farmers to students in Tanzania. This summer, the first phase of the program onboarded 1,742 pupils  to receive fresh milk every day this school year; the ultimate goal is to reach 9,000 pupils. So fantastic, right?

Will you help us reach that goal? Here are 2 easy ways to help!

  1. Make a donation. A gift of any size is wonderful and just $75 can provide one student with fresh milk for a school year (that's just 40 cents a day).

  2. Amplify the posts of our influencer team! Women Online is so proud to be committing to this program and will donate $1 (up to $2,000) for every retweet or Facebook share of these posts!

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