Parents Talk Relationships

Following the awesomeness of our AMAZE babies and birth control blog series, we were thrilled to coordinate a group of writers to share about how they talk to their kids about healthy and unhealthy relationships. Read on to learn...

  • Why Amanda Magee isn’t letting awkwardness be an excuse for giving up on the essential conversations about sex ed and relationships
  • How Lisa Collins is handling sex ed with her 11-year-old son
  • Why Tandra Wilkerson equates AMAZE to taco Tuesday
  • How Jessica Ashley is wading into the toughest of conversations with her tween son
  • How Leah Campbell is using AMAZE to aid her communication journey with her daughter
  • 5 great tips for talking about healthy relationships with tweens and teens, via Leticia Barr
  • How Cristie Ritz-King leverages teachable moments to talk about the tough stuff

And here are a couple of great videos you should check out!

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