Communicating About Sex From a Dad's Perspective

Our client AMAZE recently asked a group of men to share stories about communication and sex from a dad's perspective, and we're so happy they did. Check out these fantastic posts from some dads who are breathing a sigh of relief that AMAZE was there to help.

  • As a dad-squared family, with a son and daughter, having a resource [like AMAZE] readily available to help with these discussions and other topics is essential. -Joël Lëoj  
  • "Talking to kids about the wide world of sexuality, weird as it may seem at the time, is important. It normalizes normal things and provides the information that will become the cornerstone of later decisions." YES. Thanks to Whit Honea for sharing these thoughts.
  • 3 key ways to help the transgender community generally + 6 organizations to support, via our friend Brent at @DesignerDaddy.
  • Yes to being proactive not reactive when it comes to sex ed/health conversations with kids! Thanks to Joël Lëoj for sharing his thoughts about AMAZE via this live broadcast.    
  • Dad of 4 Jason Greene (of @OneGoodDad) reframes the "running the bases" sex analogy to how to think of each of the bases as by-age landmarks for talking to kids about sex. Thanks, Jason!  
  • Thom Hofman of Daddy, Medium-Well says, "What I want to convey, when it’s time, when they’re ready, is that great sex begins with self-knowledge. It’s about trust. It’s about intimacy — physical, sure, but more importantly, emotional intimacy. I want them to know that, and I want to be able to leave no doubt that we are here to help them understand anything they might need help understanding.
  • This is where will be of tremendous assistance in the next few years." - Carter Gaddis    
  • "I’m in no rush for my daughters to become sexually active. But burying my head in the cushions of our couch is not going to stop them from falling in love and acting on the emotions that will someday be stirred inside them both. The same is true in reverse: having an open dialogue about sex, love, relationships, and the symmetry of those things, will not push them to become sexually active ahead of schedule." Thanks to Jeff Bogle of City Dads Group for sharing his story!    
  • "Amaze continues to surprise me, and I love how the videos and resources are made in a non-threatening way that will really encourage kids to explore, laugh, learn and have fun while doing it." HOORAY! We're so glad that the videos are proving helpful with your daughters Dad of Divas!    
  • It's not everyday that a presidential library serves as a catalyst for a sex ed conversation. High fives to Michael Moebes of Dadcation for embracing the teachable moments!  
  • "My sons can flip through [AMAZE] videos at their own pace, I can watch them on my own as well, and we can meet in the middle to talk deeper about any issues that come up." -Buzz Bishop of DadCAMP. YES! And did you know that you can set up custom playlists for your kids at AMAZE. Check it out here.  
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