Hooray For #LlamaLove!

Wow, was #GivingTuesday just last week? It already feels like a long time ago, yet we're still feeling the warm fuzzies from #LlamaLove! There were so many amazing photos shared but here are a handful to enjoy!

We're Parents got a llama dance party going:

Llamas need holiday flare too (thanks Thriller Mom!)

Leticia Barr's llama crashed her family photo:

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Amanda Magee's cat approves of #LlamaLove:

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Lois Alter Mark is a longtime champion of Heifer:

Peek-a-llama is apparently a thing (thanks, The Mom Hour!):

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Blanket scarves pair beautifully with llamas (thanks Hannah!):

Chel Bell Guild met her llama under the mistletoe!

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Love. Joy. Llama. (thanks Little Mama Jama!)