Something new and AMAZE-ing: Having The Talks

As many of you likely know, we have been working with the awesome sex ed nonprofit AMAZE since it’s Fall 2016 launch. We love that they’re passionate about creating educational videos to spark conversations between kids and parents, with the ultimate goal of empowering parents to be the primary sexuality educators of their kids. (Because hello, talking about porn + masturbation can be awkward)

Screen Shot 2017-11-29 at 9.22.29 AM.png

And we are thrilled to announce something new and AMAZE-ing! Since their launch last fall, parents have repeatedly asked AMAZE: “Please tell me exactly what to say! Give me a script!” So this week, in tandem with #GivingTuesday, AMAZE is “gifting” parents with a new series on their website called Having The Talks—because it’s not just one talk, it’s a lifetime of talks. This series includes introductory videos from sex education experts, beautifully designed downloadable conversation starters and script language—covering the topics puberty, porn, relationships, bullying and masturbation—as well as related books, videos and online resources.

Get ready to embrace—and get past!—the awkward, parents! 

Morra Aarons-MeleComment