YES to Simplifying the Holidays

Generally speaking there’s a lot of YAY when it comes to the holidays—time off, tasty treats, fun festivities. But it’s also a time that quickly gets jammed with more stuff. More stuff to buy, more stuff on the to-do list, more stuff to stress about.

One thing we love about our friends at New Dream is that in addition to their year-round commitment to helping people create a life focused on more of what matters, their Simplify the Holidays guide offers amazing resources designed to help people escape the shopping, spending, and frenzied preparations that have become synonymous with the winter holidays.

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New Dream’s Simplify the Holidays resources include a (beautifully designed!) 30-day plan to help you take immediate action, a printable coupon book for alternative gifting (we would like a million “I will make you dinner!” coupons, please), a catalog including hundreds of fun, low- or no- cost gift ideas, and lots of other inspiration and tips. New Dream is also the brains behind SoKind, an easy-to-use online registry that will encourage your family and friends to give gifts of time, handmade goods, charitable donations, or useful items that you actually need. So maybe that’s a new direction you’d like to head this winter!

We hope these resources are helpful to you as you plan your holidays. If you want to send New Dream a high five on social you can do so via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, or YouTube.

Morra Aarons-MeleComment