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Women's Marches- Your Images

Morra Aarons-Mele

On Saturday, an estimated 2.9 million men, women and children flooded our nation’s cities, streets and small towns in solidarity. While they were there for many different reasons, fighting for many different causes, they were all there together, using one common voice to make it known that they, that we, will not stand for discrimination. 

Here are some amazing examples of people in the Mission List community coming together:

Portland, OR Photo Credit: Judith A. Ross,

Portland, OR
Photo Credit: Judith A. Ross,

Chicago, IL Photo Credit: Jessica Ashley,

Chicago, IL
Photo Credit: Jessica Ashley,

Boston, MA Photo Credit: Christine Koh,  

Boston, MA
Photo Credit: Christine Koh, 

There are two things we must consider as we glow from the marches and also think about what’s next:

First, we must keep in mind the poignant question Devon Maloney asked in Good.

“When decades of social and political history have shown that large-scale resistance often results in the sacrifices of minority causes, often in the name of the greater (mostly whiter, straighter, more cisgendered) good, what does “solidarity” mean?”

These thoughts from Vanessa Toro encapsulate well the need for white women to use their privilege to support Black lives.

And if you have a moment, read this thoughtful post on the intersection of the women’s marches, racism, and the movement. (h/t to Karen Walrond for the link)

Second: We had a great day Saturday. But Donald Trump is still president. What do we do next?

Here are two great ideas:

  1. The organizers of women’s march are kicking off effective actions for the first 100 days of the Trump Administration.
  2. Support Swing Left and help take back the House (h/t Liz Gumbinner