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Teaching Kids the Power of Giving

Morra Aarons-Mele

We recently shared about the power of #GoatSquadGoals and today we wanted to share some posts that show how effective Heifer International is in teaching kids the power of giving.

  • Leticia Barr of Tech Savvy Mama shares how to inspire giving at every age on #GIVINGTUESDAY and beyond.
  • Amy Mascott of Teach Mama shares gifts that teach kids the power of giving: Animal gifts.

  • Makeba Giles of Melisa Source shares giving animal gifts is a wonderful way to give empowerment and sustainability throughout  the holiday season.

  • Jessica McFadden of A Parent In America shares Instead of giving someone in your family yet another sweater, you can gift in their honor an animal through Heifer International that will provide a family in need with both food and reliable income.

  • Allison Czarnecki of Petit Elefant is teaching her children that for a few less gifts for themselves, they can help feed and sustain a needy family.

  • Lois Alter Mark of Midlife At The Oasis shares that the idea of gifting animals to families in need to provide sustainability and help their communities is a great idea for animal lovers all over.  

  • ·Ellen Seidman of Love That Max supports teaching her kids to understand what it means to help those in need by supporting Heifer International.   

  • Jessica Ashley of Single Mom Nation taught her son a valuable lesson on saving money and contributing to those less fortunate by donating to Heifer International and investing in others while developing their skills.    

  • Jeannette Kaplun of Hispana Global shares 3 simple ideas to give back as a family by partnering with Heifer International.         

  • Danielle Smith of Extraordinary Mommy believes it’s her responsibility to raise her children to be good citizens of the world by teaching them to beauty of giving.

  • Audrey McClelland of Mom Generations supports #GoatSquadGoals by sharing that it’s better to give than receive and teaching her children firsthand about the importance of giving back.   

  • Whitney Moss of Rookie Moms shares how her children learned about the power of gifting animals via the tradition of the 5th night of Hanukkah, where instead of receiving a gift, a trio of rabbits is given to a family in a developing country in their honor.

  • CC Chapman shares why partnering with Heifer International was a great way to pass along a gift to help others end hunger and poverty for his teenaged kids.  

  • Michelle Villemaire of Homemade Mimi explains how this year she and her children learned more about the project and how the animal program works.

  •  Casey Brown of Life with Roozle shares that sometimes a little is a lot especially when "its a bably goat OMG!"