Nasty Moms Vote

The day is finally near. Despite all the negativity surrounding this entire election, we at Women Online are channeling the rest of our energy and focusing on one thing: the chance to elect the most powerful woman in history as the first woman president, and, importantly, the first mom president. Yesterday in her Huffington Post blog, Morra wrote about the "Nasty Moms" of this election, tackling the double standard of motherhood and politics:

"we're sainted by politicians in their speeches, much sought after by the media, but expected to stay in our box. Now, brought to light by Trump's candidacy, the hypocrisy of the GOP, and the misogyny Hillary Clinton's gone through, women's lack of systemic power resonates with us all."

You can read the full piece here, which highlights just how serious an impact this election has on our children, specifically our daughters, as we are faced with two drastically different visions of a woman's place in society. 


Morra Aarons-MeleComment